ASU’s California Center welcomes students for fall 2021

For over 200 years, Los Angeles has been a place of new beginnings and innovative spirits. It seems only fitting that Arizona State University has begun a new chapter in this global city.

On Aug. 17, ASU held its first ever event in the historic Herald Examiner building in downtown Los Angeles — the site of ASU’s California Center. The over 100-year-old Spanish/Mission Revival building was recently renovated, blending its historical lines with technological modernity.

During the event, ASU Local-Los Angeles’ third cohort took its first steps into the building, meeting with fellow students, staff and coaches who provided strategies and tips to help students manage time, coursework, life and work events.

ASU Local is ASU’s newest college experience located in Los Angeles among other locations. ASU Local sites integrate higher education and job opportunities into the local community, pulling down the barriers that have kept degree-level study out of reach for many Angelenos.

Maria Anguiano, executive vice president of ASU’s Learning Enterprise, welcomed the students and reaffirmed the personalized support and inclusiveness that underpins the ASU Local student experience.

“I believe that in order to truly transform the lives of people through education, we as educators are going to have to rethink and redesign learning to better fit the lives of our learners and meet them where they are, instead of expecting them to fit one mold,” Anguiano said.

The architecture and design of the Herald Examiner building are a manifestation of that philosophy. Cloud-connected classrooms with state-of-the-art cameras and audio mean that remote learners can have a more seamlessly integrated experience with on-site students. Open and multifunctional spaces give students and staff a sense of community with the flexibility to study, meet, or collaborate when and where they need to.

Enjoy some of the highlights below, and take a look inside the newly renovated ASU California Center. 

Top photo by DDMA