ASU’s Hope Center executive director gives interview with Arizona Horizon

An ASU study takes a deeper look into the science of hope. Being hopeful is more than just being optimistic. When someone is “hopeful” they, “…assess the reality of that emotional situation; things are difficult, particularly coming out of a global pandemic, things may be difficult for a lot of people and it’s OK to acknowledge that but as part of that process. What we do is set goals, engage in that agency and pathway thinking to achieve those goals. In doing so, because it’s an active process, we don’t deny any of those negative emotions or negative feelings we acknowledge them, we see those as obstacles on our path,” said John Parsi, the executive director of the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope at Arizona State University.

Parsi said that a good first step to becoming more “hopeful” is, “…to engage in a small goal set” and build more goals from there.

Shelley Linford