ASU Interplanetary Initiative launches new podcast partnership with Slate

The ASU Interplanetary Initiative has announced their partnership with Slate on a new podcast — "Mission: Interplanetary."

"Mission: Interplanetary" is a weekly podcast hosted by former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman and scientist and author Andrew Maynard. Each episode features the hosts engaging with experts about the big questions, challenges and mysteries humans face as we venture out to explore the solar system and beyond. 

Slate will livestream a special live episode of "Mission: Interplanetary" on YouTube and Facebook at noon, PST, March 17. Hosts Coleman and Maynard will be talking about the Mars Perseverance mission with Jim Bell, Mastcam-Z instrument principal investigator and professor at ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration. The live episode will also feature a special surprise guest.

Slate, which averages 20 million unique visitors a month, produces and distributes more than 25 podcast series. Lance Gharavi, the producer of "Mission: Interplanetary," said, “We’re becoming an interplanetary species. It’s probably the greatest collective endeavor we’ve ever attempted. 'Mission: Interplanetary' is about the big questions facing us as we seek to build positive futures beyond the bounds of Earth.” 

"Mission: Interplanetary" launches March 23. You can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Taryn Struck