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Welcome to the Arizona State University Senate blog! This blog supports communication among Senate leadership, Senate members, and the faculty and academic professionals in the academic programs the Senators represent. From time to time we will post here news and feature stories about the Senate’s people, events, official business, and other activities.

This Month's Senator Spotlight is on Kristina Lopez

What unit do you represent?  

The School of Social Work (Downtown Phoenix)

How many years have you served in the Senate? 

This is my third year as a Senator

How many years have you been employed at ASU?...

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Without question, we are in a unique moment of our careers. Arizona State University has transitioned to different modes of teaching in order to respond to our primary mission to educate the students who come to us, and to work as safely as we can during this pandemic. There are many questions about our work conditions, or even whether our...

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What should I do if a student tells me about a positive test result?

If you learn of a student who tests positive, please email the student’s name and ASU ID# to as soon as possible, so we may provide support and care to the student. We will share the...

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On April 27, 2020, the University Senate Student and Faculty Policy Committee introduced a resolution supporting removing voting barriers for students. 

"The United States Constitution’s 26th Amendment says that citizens of the United States who are eighteen years of age or older have the right to vote..."

You can ...

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In 2019 the Senate heard from Dr. Aaron Krasnow, Associate Vice President, from ASU Counseling and Health Services about student mental health and national trends. The statistics that he presented were alarming. Between 2010 and 2018 the US has seen a 37% increase in overwhelming anxiety and a 140% increase in students who are being treated for...

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On March 23, 2020, the University Academic Council (UAC) introduced a resolution in appreciation of UTO for their unparalleled support to all faculty, staff, and students and their extraordinary responsiveness to the rapidly evolving situation our university, community, and country is currently experiencing.

"...the Arizona State...

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At the December 2, 2019 meeting, the University Academic Council (UAC) introduced for discussion Motion 2020-33, a resolution affirming Senate support for the November 20...

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