Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2011

Senate Motion #2012-01

Motion Introduced by: Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Arnold Maltz, Chair.
Date of First Reading: August 29, 2011
Title of Motion: Consent Agenda for New Course Approvals
Action Requested: Approval of the new course proposals on the Consent Agenda
Rationale:The courses on the Consent Agenda have been reviewed by the appropriate faculty committees and have been approved by the dean of the college/school as well as the Provost’s Office.
New Courses Proposals:
AIS 480 Actualizing Decolonization
APA 350 Inequality and Diversity in Education
ART 482 Senior Exhibitions/Portfolio
ASB 371 Inequality and Sustainability
ASM 570 Fundamentals of CAS Science
BIO 437 Comparative Biomechanics and Motor Control
BIO 537 Comparative Biomechanics and Motor Control
CRD 650 Research Seminar in Community Resources and Development II
ENG 404 Studies in Second Language Acquisition
EST 470 Capstone Design I
EST 471 Capstone Design II
FIN 782 Theory of Finance II
FIN 783 Empirical Asset Pricing
FIN 785 Financial Economics of Capital Markets
FMS 374 American Visions: Innovators in Popular Media
FMS 503 Media Industries
FMS 523 Film Authorship
IAP 375 Contemporary Performance: Theories and Practice
LAW 215 Business, Law, and Society
MCO 535 Latino and Transnational Issues
NUR 312 Psychomotor Skills for Professional Nursing Practice
NUR 313 Nursing Concepts for Adult Health
NUR 324 Nursing Practice: Psychiatric/Mental Health
NUR 382 Emergency Nursing
NUR 410 Nursing Concepts for Community and Public Health
NUR 411 Nursing Concepts for Child bearing and Pediatric Clients
PPE 430 Analysis of Skill and Game Performance
PPE 451 Innovative Programming in Elementary Physical Education
PPE 535 Introduction to Sport Education 
PPE 551 Innovative Programming in Elementary Physical Education 
PRM 384 Child Life Practicum
PRM 455 Play in Child Life
RDG 508 Essential Elements of Elementary Content Area Literacy
RDG 509 Essential Elements of Secondary Content Area Literacy
RDG 520 Essential Elements of Elementary Literacy
RDG 555 Formal Measures of Literacy
SGS 321 International Institutions & Global Governance
SST 200 Introduction to Social Transformation 
SST 501 Foundations of Social Transformation
TEL 607 Critical Social Theory and Education



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