Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2012

Senate Motion #2012-38

Motion Introduced by: Student-Faculty Policy Committee, Cristi Coursen, Chair
Date of First Reading: March 26, 2012
Date of Second Reading: April 23, 2012
Title of Motion: Proposal to Extend the Drop Period from One Week to Two Weeks
Action Requested: Extend the drop period from one week to two weeks for the 15 week session C courses.
Rationale:  The current drop deadline for session C courses is seven days after the first day of classes.  Typically, this only allows for one or two class periods for a student to attend and make a decision to remain in the course.  Serious students who have not had sufficient time to assess the course, must drop after the deadline and receive a “W” on their transcript.  This has a perceived negative impact on the transcripts and academic history for the students at the university.
By extending the deadline, we allow students to have more flexibility when determining their final course schedules for the semester, and reduce the number of “W”s on their transcripts.



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