Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2012

Senate Motion #2012-45

Motion Introduced by: Senate President and Chair of UAC – Joseph R. Carter

Date of First Reading: March 26, 2012

Date of Second Reading: April 23, 2012

Title of Motion: Proposal to Establish a new Academic Unit:  College of Health   Solutions 

Action Requested: The Units that currently have a reporting relationship to Health Solutions will continue to have the same reporting relationship, but now to a college. This will not change any of the academic organization. However, the Executive Vice-Provost and Dean of Health Solutions will now attend deans meetings in addition to the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. The School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, the School of the Science of Health Care Delivery, and Department of Biomedical Informatics will continue to report to Health Solutions, which will now be a college.


  • The units that currently report to health solutions are not part of a unit led by a dean, and thus are not represented appropriately in the university academic structure.
  • The basic goals and objectives of the new reorganized unit(s) are that the new unit will coordinate across the units that contribute to health solutions, a major focus for ASU.
  • The current degree programs of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, Department of Biomedical Informatics and the new Master’s in the Science of Health Care Delivery that is being created will be unchanged by this action.
  • The staff that is currently in Health Solutions will remain and be unchanged
  • No change in projected faculty and staff.



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