Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2013-54

Motion Introduced by:  Constitution and Bylaws Task Force, Chairperson Chouki El Hamel
Date of First Reading:  April 22, 2013
Date of Second Reading:  September 9, 2013

Title of Motion:  Amendments to the Articles I, II & III of the University Senate Constitution. 
Action Requested:  The Constitution and Bylaws Task Force requests that you approve the below noted changes to the articles of the University Senate Constitution. 

Rationale:  Per Article IIIA of the University Senate Constitution, beginning in the fall of 2012 the UAC shall appoint a committee to review the constitution and bylaws at four year intervals.  This review and the resulting recommended amendments were made by the Constitution and Bylaws Task Force.
Adhering to the requirement for quadrennial reviews ensures that the University Senate Constitution remains a relevant and modern document that allows for the most effective shared governance organization possible. 

Click here to see all susbstantive and perfecting constitutional changes

Click here to see the substantive amendments as presented to the Assembly for a vote

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