Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2013

Senate Motion #2014-17

Motion Introduced by: Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Eduardo Pagan, Chair
Date of First Reading: October 7, 2013
Date of Second Reading: November 4, 2013
Title of Motion: Request from the W.P. Carey School of Business– Department of Information Systems- for the establishment of an undergraduate certificate in – Applied Business Data Analytics
Action Requested: The Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee recommends University Senate approval of a proposal submitted by the W.P. Carey School of Business – Department of Information Systems - for the establishment of an undergraduate certificate in – Applied Business Data Analytics

Rationale: Modem decision making is increasingly becoming data-driven and evidence-based. Across the broad landscape of disciplines, it is no longer sufficient to rely on folklore, stories or ad hoc opinions - sophisticated software tools that provide analytical decision support are rapidly becoming a basic ingredient for substantiating and supporting individual, group, organizational and even international-level decision making in areas that all college graduates will find practical and applied. We propose a new certificate that emphasizes evidence-based decision making and offers requisite training in the decision supporting tool suites to make it possible. The applied focus ranges from projects to processes and from advanced Excel skills to the fundamentals of big data analytics for business intelligence.



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