Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2013

Senate Motion #2014-36

First Reading: November 4, 2013

Second Reading: November 4, 2013

Title: New Course Proposals


ACC   516    Government and Not for Profit Accounting
ACC   577    Tax Research, Professional Responsibilities & Property Transactions
ACC   587    Multi-Jurisdictional Taxation I
BIO   434     People and Nature: Ecosystem Services
COM  327    Civil Communication
CRJ   450    Crime Analysis
CSE   556    Game Theory with Applications to Networks
CSM   407   Ethics and Legal Issues in Sports
CSM   481   Sports Tourism
CSM   485   Sports Events
CTI     212   MAKE Your Ideas Happen
CTI     412   MAKE Your Ideas Grow
ENG   557   Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning
EXW   560   Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
EXW   562   Functional Assessment and Exercise Prescription for Older Adults
EXW   564   Aging and Lifestyle Behaviors
EXW   565   Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology
EXW   568   Management and Treatment of Chronic Disease for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist
EXW   597   Capstone Project
GLG   422    Planetary Volcanology
HCD   531   Introduction to the Health Care System
HCR   553   Quality Assurance and Clinical Research
HSC   304   Health Communication
HST   520   Masters of Nonfiction
MAE  479   Design of Autonomous Aircraft Systems
MBB  347   Molecular Genetics: From Genes to Proteins
MED  100   Introduction to Medical Studies
MED  417   Impact of Violence on Health
MED  445   Science of Helping in Health
NUR  650   Human Lactation in the Post-Modern World
PRM  335   Sports and Recreation for Youth Development
SHS   560   Development, Aging, Assessment, Intervention in Adults 
TEL   430    Learning Outside of School
TEL   431    Learning in Workplaces
TEM  530   Statistics Bootcamp for Industry



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