Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2014

Senate Motion #2014-46

Motion Introduced by: Joseph Comfort, Chair of the Research and Creative Activities Committee
Date of First Reading: February 3, 2014
Date of Second Reading: March 3, 2014
Title of Motion: New Policy on Retention of Research Data Responsibilities
Action Requested: Both the University Acadmic Council and the the Research and Creative Activities Committee recommends approving this new ACD policy. 

Proposed ACD Number: 306-01
Proposed Policy Language: Research records such as laboratory notebooks and any other records necessary to replicate and evaluate research results should be retained in accordance with the standards of a faculty member’s respective discipline, sponsors terms and conditions, and Arizona State University’s record retention policies.
The Principal Investigator (PI) of a research project, whether sponsored or unsponsored, has the primary responsibility of maintaining the research records and data collected on behalf of the University.  The PI is responsible for data collection, recording, storage, authorizing data access, record retention, and implementing best practices from the PI’s discipline. 




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