Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2014

Senate Motion #2014-49

First Reading: via E-mail on February 18, 2014
Second Reading: March 3, 2014

Proposed Courses
ARS    330  The Portrait
FMP   330  Professional and Technical Writing for Film/TV Industry
FMS   411  Screenwriting Adaptation Studies
KIN    454   Motivational Theory in Exercise & Health
LAS    205   Deep Roots: Latin America
LAS    206    Locating Latin America: Interdisciplinary Methods
LAS    330   From the Inside: The Latin American Journey
LAS    340   Latin American Women Writers
LAS    350   The Construction of a Nation: Chile in the 20th/21st Century
LAS    351    Cityscapes: Urban Mexican Literature and Culture
LAS    355    Contemporary Mexican Cinema: Changing Cartographies
LAS    471   Treaties and Cultural Production in Spain and the Americas
LAS    480    Current Trends in Theatre and New Media in Latin America and Spain
LAS    481    Dictatorships and Dirty Wars: Latin American Cinema from Resistance to Reconciliation
NLM  235    Leadership and Ethics
NUR   628    Research, Theory and Principles for Palliative Care in the Older Adult
PAF    545    Organizations, Sustainability & Public Policy
PAF    561    Interoperability for Emergency Managers
PHI     347   Philosophical Theories of Constitutional Interpretation
PHI    405   Moral Psychology
PHI    448   Justice and Reparations
PHY   456   Laser Optics
PSY    475   Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology
PSY    554   Item Response Theory
REL    319   Religion, Violence, and America
REL    352   Modern Buddhism
REL    364    Islam in Eurasia and Central Asia
REL    387   Religion and Conflict: Theories and Cases
SOS    500   Global Challenges of Sustainability
STP    581   Statistical Consulting Clinic
SWG  579   Critical Incident Stress Management
THP   332   Makeup



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