Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2014

Senate Motion #2014-61    

First Reading: via E-mail on March 17, 2014
Second Reading: March 31, 2014

Proposed Courses (Motion Amended)

FSE   104    EPICS Gold Feasibility and Planning
FSE   150    Perspectives in Grand Challenges for Engineering
IBC   612    Introduction to Behavioral Interventions
IBC   615    Innovative Technologies in Behavioral Health
MCO 425    Digital Media Literacy
NUR  615    Qualitative Data Management Seminar
NUR  616   Community-Based Participatory Research
POS   475   Morality and Politics
REL   282   PreHispanic Native American Worldviews
SHS  526   Launch to Clinical Methods in Audiology
SHS  538   Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology
SHS  539   Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
SOS  441   Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability
SOS  541   Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability
SWG 514   Bridge Seminar I
SWG 515   Bridge Seminar II
SWG 516   Social Work Skills Seminar
SWG 526   Mental Health for Sentencing
SWG 527   Mitigation of Death and Life Cases
SWG 528   Presentence Investigations
SWG 529   Alternatives to Penal Sanctions
TEL   300  The Community Embedded Experience
THP  457  Digital Portfolio

The following three courses were not approved and returned to the unit for revisions:

IBC   620   Psychosomatic Illness: Diagnosis & Treatment
IBC   670   Integrated Behavioral Health Interventions for Substance Use Disorders
IBC   724   Behavioral Health Management



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