Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2014

Senate Motion #2014-71

Motion Introduced by:         Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Eduardo Pagan, Chair
Date of First Reading: April 28, 2014
Date of Second Reading: Via e-mail on 9/11/14

Title of Motion: Request from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – School of Life Sciences – for the establishment of a graduate certificate – Biomimicry

Action Requested: The Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee recommends University Senate approval of a proposal submitted by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – School of Life Sciences- for the establishment of a graduate certificate– Biomimicry
Rationale: The graduate certificate in Biomimicry, delivered completely online, is designed to empower change-agents from a wide variety of disciplines who are passionate about learning from the world of biology and its applications to human design and want to bring the field of biomimicry into their discipline. Graduates from the program will be enabled to integrate biomimicry principles and tools into their current or planned professions, and serve as leaders in the emerging network of biomimicry researchers and practitioners. The program is designed to address the growing global demand for biomimicry training that can match the logistical and training needs of professionals.  A certificate in Biomimicry will be attractive to students from multiple disciplines (e.g. Sustainability, Life Sciences, Engineering, Design) but at the same time is unique and does not overlap with currently offered programs or courses.



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