Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-04  

Motion Introduced by: Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Kathleen Puckett, Chair

Date of First Reading: September 8, 2014

Date of Second Reading: October 6, 2014

Title of Motion: Request from the School of Sustainability– for the establishment of an undergraduate certificate – Food System Sustainability

Action Requested: The Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee recommends University Senate approval of a proposal submitted by the School of Sustainability – for the establishment of an undergraduate certificate – Food System Sustainability

Rationale: Food systems are particularly important for human societies to sustain, and are also particularly vulnerable to multiple threats related to the interconnected sustainability challenges we face. Many students from a wide variety of disciplines are interested in food systems.

This Certificate pulls together a diversity of existing courses at ASU on food systems and offers a way for students to focus on this topic in addition to their major. It has been our experience in the School of Sustainability that many students are very interested in food systems and sustainability. The certificate will provide students with an introduction to Food System Sustainability in a structured fashion that is not yet organized anywhere at ASU. This certificate will bring together courses on food from the social sciences, humanities, life sciences, and applied sciences, providing the opportunity for students to study food in a from a sustainability perspective.

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