Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-14

First Reading: via E-mail on August 25, 2014

Second Reading: September 8, 2014

Proposed Courses:
ACO  399    Supervised Research
AME  120    Digital Culture Studio
AME 130    Prototyping Dreams
AME  220    Programming for the Web
AME   230    Programming for the Media Arts
AME   310    Media Literacies and Composition
AME   320    Motion Capture for Integrative Systems
AME   340    Compositional and Computational Principles for Media Arts
APA   356    Race and Child Development
BME  526    Introduction to Neural Engineering
BME  561    Clinical Neuroscience
CHI  348    Pathways into Chinese Culture
CIS  510    Business Process and Workflow Analysis
CIS  525    Strategic Value of Information Technology
CIS  540    Enterprise Information Security and Controls
CIS  545    Managing Enterprise Systems
CIS  560    IT Services & Project Management
CIS  580    Emerging Technologies
CPI  220    Applied Data Structures and Algorithms
CPI  221    Advanced Object Oriented Principles Using Java
EXW  101    Foundations in Exercise Science and Wellness
FMP  365    Developing a Series
FMP  465    Series Writers Workshop
FMP  475    Producing Series
FOR  286    Principles of Forensic Science
FOR  410    Professional Practices in Forensic Science
FOR  420    Modern Practices in Forensic Science
FOR  485    Forensic Science Capstone
FOR  486    Peer Mentoring in the Forensic Sciences
GRA 521    Advanced Visual Communication Design Studio I
GRA 522    Advanced Visual Communication Design Studio II
GRA 621    Advanced Visual Communication Design Studio III
GRA 622    Advanced Visual Communication Design Studio IV
HCI 543    Approaches to Leading Healthcare Innovation
HCI 545    Public speaking for innovation: building your presence and making the case for change
HCI 570    Innovation Proposal: culminating experience for Healthcare Innovation certificate
HCI 571    Healthcare Innovation Leadership Portfolio: culminating experience for Innovation Leadership certifi
HCR 545    Foundations of Biospecimen Repository Administration
HCR 545    Foundations of Biospeciment Repository Administration
HCR 546    Management of Biospecimen Repository Operations
HCR 547    Biospecimen Resource and Technology Management
HCR 548    Regulation and Ethics in Biospecimen Repository Administration
HCR 549    Scientific Innovation and Biospecimen Repository Administration
HCR 575    Contracting and Budgeting for Industry-sponsored Clinical Trials
HED 573    Applied Inquiry
HRC 200    Introduction to Social and Cultural Analysis
HST 430    The Ottoman Empire in the Classical Period
IND 521    Advanced Industrial Design Studio I
IND 522    Advanced Industrial Design Studio II
IND 621    Advanced Industrial Design Studio III
IND 622    Advanced Industrial Design Studio IV
INT 521    Advanced Interior Architecture Studio I
INT 522    Advanced Interior Architecture Studio II
INT 621    Advanced Interior Architecture Studio III
INT 622    Advanced Interior Architecture Studio IV
JUS 656    Human Rights and Sustainability
KIN 446    Pediatric Obesity
KIN 547    ECG Interpretation
LAW 315    Foundations in American Business Law
MAE 508    Digital Control:  Design and Implementation
MHL 437    Topics in Baroque Music
NTR 553    Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease
NUR 501    Individual and Innovation Leadership in Advanced Nursing Practice
NUR 509    Clinical Prevention and Population Health Practicum
NUR 510    Foundations of Care Coordination Practice
NUR 511    Concepts of Care Coordination and the Nurse's Role
NUR 512    Improving Quality & Safety Outcomes through Effective Care Coordination
NUR 513    Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Transforming Health Care Policy
NUR 519    Role Focused Practicum: Care Coordination
NUR 520    Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Principles, Assessment & Methods
NUR 521    Healthcare Evidence, Informatics and Analysis
NUR 522    Designing Systems for Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality
NUR 523    Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality Outcomes
NUR 529    Role Focused Practicum: Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality
PHI 205    Philosophy and Film
PHI 411    Continental Philosophy
PHI 412    Philosophy and Literary Criticism
PHI 421    Philosophical Topics
PHI 439    Philosophy of Love and Sex
SED 567    Clinical Experience I
SOC 586    Capstone I
SOC 588    Capstone III
SOS 577    Interdisciplinary Writing Seminar
SOS 578    Writing Papers for Publication
SOS 582    Project Management for Sustainability
SPA 558    Studies in Luso-Hispanic Queer Cultures
STC 505    Theories of Social Technology
STC 510    Applied Social Technology
STC 520    Advocacy and Social Technology
STC 525    Politics and Social Technology
STC 535    Networked Social Technology
STC 537    Community Informatics
STC 545    Games as Social Technology

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