Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-15

First Reading: via E-mail on September 22, 2014

Second Reading: October 6, 2014

Proposed Courses:
ABS  464    Desert Horticulture
ARA  330    Issues in Intermedia
ARS  456    Introduction to Museums
ARS  543    Artists in Film: Artists' Biopics
BIO  532    Recent Papers in Discipline-Based Education Research
CRJ  496    Directed Research
EGR  103    Introduction to Human Systems Engineering
EGR  223    Biology of Human Systems
EGR  224    Social Basis of Human Systems
EGR  225    Human Systems Integration
EGR  230    Human Systems and Statistics I
EGR  290    Experimental Research Methods in Human Systems Engineering
EGR  320    Human Systems and Statistics II
EGR  322    Cognition and Human Systems
EGR  323    Perception and Human Systems
EGR  390    Qualitative Research Methods
ENG  582    Pedagogy
HCD  532    Health Care Management
HCI  311    Introduction to Healthcare Innovation: Foundational concepts
HCI  313    Philosophy of Science in Healthcare: understanding paradigms of health and healing
HCI  412    Transforming healthcare: a systems perspective for innovation
HCI  421    Healthcare Policy:  The Innovator's View
HCI  425    Facilitating Innovation to Achieve Outcomes
HCI  428    Technology: A tool to advance innovation in healthcare
HCR  301    Research Methods for the Health Care Professional
HCR  302    Social Determinants of Health
HCR  303    Assessing Needs, Assets and Capacity for Health Education
HCR  304    Planning and Implementing Health Education
HCR  330    Fundamentals of Community Health
HCR  331    Communication within Communities
HCR  335    Program Development and Management for Community Health
HCR  336    Environmental Community Health
HCR  340    Foundations of Integrative Health
HCR  341    Biological, Manipulative, and Body-Based Therapies
HCR  342    Mind-Body and Energy Therapies and Modalities
HCR  343    Historical and Cultural Foundations of Integrative Health Care
HCR 400    Evidence Based Practice for the Health Care Professional
HCR  401    Administering, Managing and Evaluating Health Education Programs
HCR  402    Advocacy for Health and Health Education
HCR  403    Contemporary Issues and Trends in Community/Public Health
HCR  406    Health Literacy for Health Care Professionals
HCR  407    Health Education Specialist Role
HCR  408    Health Education Specialist Practicum
HCR  409    Patient Advocacy and Health Education Capstone Course
HCR  430    Foundation to Healthcare Systems
HCR  435    Leaders in Community Health
HCR  439    Community Health Seminar
HCR  440    Interprofessional Approaches to Integrative Health Care
HCR  441    Legal and Ethical Issues impacting Integrative Health Care
HCR  449    Integrative Healthcare Capstone
HDA  125    Fashion Design I
HDA  225    Fashion Design II
HDA  397    Capstone Development
IBC  701    Models of Integrated Primary Care
JMC  302    Sports Reporting
JMC  331    Television Sports Reporting
JMC  346    Sports Videography
JMC  352    Sports Photojournalism
JMC  367    Ethics and Diversity in Sports Journalism
JMC  474    Advanced Issues in 21st Century Sports & Media
KIN  418    Experimental Neuromechanics
LSE  540    Theoretical Views of Learning in the Learning Sciences
MCO  526    Advanced Issues in 21st Century Sports & Media
MCO  529    Ethics and Diversity in Sports Journalism
MCO  540    Sports Reporting
MGT  405    Spanish Language and Global Business Communication
NTR  532    Endocrine Pathophysiology and Nutrition
NUR  606    Scientific Role Development II: Validating and Demonstrating
NUR  617    Foundational Concepts in Science and Statistics
NUR  618    Advancing Research-Based Health Policy through Leadership and Innovation Science
PPE  235    Teaching Strength and Conditioning for Health
TEL  404    Current Issues in Education and Policy Reform in the United States
TEL  405    History of Education and Policy Reform in the United States
TEL  489    Undergraduate Projects and Research in Education
TWC  422    Social Media in the Workplace
TWC  522    Social Media in the Workplace

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