Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-21

Motion Introduced by: University Academic Council

Date of First Reading: October 6, 2014

Date of Second Reading: November 3, 2014

Title of Motion: ACD 402 Policy Changes

Action Requested: The University Academic Council recommends that the Senate support the changes to ACD 402, policy on relationships between faculty members, teachers and students.

Rationale: ACD 402 codifies existing ASU policy regarding relations between faculty/staff and students. The revisions note the inherent power imbalance that exists between these two populations and underscore the need for faculty to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical way in all interactions with students.

Policy: The proposed policy change involves a strike all, with the both the current policy and the replacement policy being presented below.

One edit was made on the Senate floor prior to the disapproval of this motion.

Proposed replacement ACD 402 policy

Not Approved
Admin Response: