Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-22

First Reading: via E-mail on October 20, 2014

Second Reading: November 3, 2014

Proposed Courses:
EGR  422    Human Medical Systems
EGR  424    Human Automation Interaction
EGR  428    Judgment and Decision Making in Human Systems
EGR  429    Product Design and Evaluation
EGR  472    Learning and Human Systems Engineering
EXW  102    Principles & Foundations of Health Education and Health Promotion 
FRE  550    French for Reading Knowledge
JMC  479    Cronkite News - Washington Bureau
JMC  480    Cronkite News - Phoenix Sports Bureau
JMC  481    Cronkite News - Los Angeles Sports Bureau
JMC  485    Public Insight Network Bureau
MGT  404    Chinese Language and Global Business Communication
OBS  501    Obesity Prevention and Management: An Introduction
POS  586    International Political Economy
SPA  118    Basic Spanish for Health Care Professionals 
SPA  218    Intermediate Spanish for Health Care Providers 
SPA  318    Advanced Spanish for Health Care Professionals
SPA  520    Preparing for Professional Careers
SWG  562    Global Social Welfare
SWG  687    Public Policy and Advocacy
SWU  306    Ethics in Social Services
SWU  311    Integrative Social Work Practice
SWU  312    Integrative Social Work Practice Skills
SWU  462    Global Social Welfare
WST  320    Gender, Drugs, and Alcohol
TEL  489    Undergraduate Projects and Research in Education
TWC  422    Social Media in the Workplace
TWC  522    Social Media in the Workplace

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