Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-29

First Reading: via E-mail on November 18, 2014

Second Reading: December 1, 2014

Proposed Courses:
AFR  390    Black Feminism
APL  518    World Englishes
BIO  112    Discovery - Why Sex?
BMD  510   Current Perspectives in Biomedical 
DCE  338    Urban Movement Practices Ensemble
EDT  440    Creating and Marketing Mobile Apps
ENG  403    Semantics
ENG  501    Approaches to Research
ENV  201    Fundamentals of Environmental Science
ENV  310    Soil Science
GIT  315    Digital Video Techniques
HCR  650    Health Communication
HSC  355    Eating for Lifelong Health
HST  441    Latin America and the World Economy
KIN  523    Motor Control and Aging
LIN  501    Approaches to Research
MUE  162    Introduction to Music Therapy Lab
MUE  262    Music Therapy as a Behavioral Science Lab
MUE  334    Guitar Lab
NAV  402    Leadership and Ethics
SOC  603    Perspectives in Sociological Inquiry
SWG  572    Interprofessional Approaches to Healthy Aging
SWG  576    War and Disaster
SWU  488    Advocacy Strategies



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