Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-42

Motion Introduced by: University Academic Council

Date of First Reading: December 1, 2014

Date of Second Reading: January 26, 2015

Title of Motion: ACD 402 Policy Revisions

Action Requested: The University Academic Council recommends that the Senate support the changes to ACD 402, policy on relationships between faculty members, teachers and students.

Rationale: ACD 402 codifies existing ASU policy regarding relations between faculty/staff and students. The revisions note the inherent power imbalance that exists between these two populations and underscore the need for faculty to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical way in all interactions with students.

Policy: The proposed policy change involves a strike all, with the both the current policy and the proposed replacement policy being presented below:

Click here to read the proposed version of ACD 402



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