Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2014

Senate Motion #2015-43

Motion Introduced by: Joseph Comfort, Chair of the Research and Creative Activities Committee

Date of First Reading: December 1, 2014

Date of Second Reading: January 26, 2015

Title of Motion: Moving Proprietary and Classified Research Policy from RSP 404 into the ACD Manual.

Action Requested: The University Senate Research and Creative Activities committee and the University Academic Council, recommend passage of this motion.

Motion: Whereas the policies on classified and proprietary research, currently located in the research manual as RSP-404 with a link from ACD-118, originated from the faculty, and represent policies for which the faculty are responsible, and

Whereas the Office of Knowledge and Enterprise Development has requested that the policies be moved back to the ACD manual because they do not fit well into the scope of the RSP manual,
The University Senate resolves:

  1. That the RSP-404 policies be accepted for publication in the ACD manual, and

  2. That RSP-404 be separated into separate policies for classified research and proprietary research.  It is suggested that the policies be numbered as ACD 118-01 and ACD 118-02, respectively.

Admin Response: 
Not Approved