Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2015

 Senate Motion #2015-45

Motion Introduced by: University Academic Council

Date of First Reading: January 26, 2015

Date of Second Reading: February 23, 2015

Title of Motion: ACD 515 Policy Revisions

Action Requested: The University Academic Council recommends that the Senate support the changes to ACD 515, policy on nepotism.

Rationale: This change to ACD 515 is needed so that it supports approved edits made in the ACD 402 policy on romantic or sexual relationships.  Inserting this language will provide clarity and recourse for those individuals that are in a romantic or sexual relationship that predates the revisions made to ACD 402.

Policy Change: 

Second Policy Paragraph from ACD 515 (New verbiage in bold):
However, no employee of the university may hire, appoint, review, supervise, direct, promote, or participate in decisions involving hire, renewal, retention, supervision, promotion, evaluation, instruction, or compensation of a relative, or a member of the employee’s established household, or a person with whom the employee is in a romantic or sexual relationship (referred to collectively as “relative”). 

Admin Response: