Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2015

Senate Motion #2015-52

First Reading: via E-mail on January 12, 2015

Second Reading: January 26, 2015

Proposed Courses:
AMT  360    Aircraft Dispatch Ground School
AMT  460    Aircraft Dispatch Capstone
BIO   527    Environmental Ethics and Policy Goals
ENG  571    Foundations for Teaching English Learners
ENV  345    Spatial analysis in the environmental sciences
EXW  340    Health Behavior Theory
FMS  508    Race and Gender in American Film
FRE  110    Intensive French I
FRE  210    Intensive French II
GER  455    Multi-Kulti: Multiculturalism through Film
GIT  340    Information Design and Usability
GLG  471    Hydrology
IAS  210    From Passion to Practice: Charting Your Path
IAS  225    Building a Better You
ITA  110    Intensive Italian I
ITA  210    Intensive Italian II
ITA  550    Italian for Reading Knowledge
LAT  301    Roman Authors
MAS  514    Continental Philosophy
MUE  321    Jazz Lab
MUE  323    Keyboard Lab
MUE  555    String Pedagogy and Rehearsal Techniques
NUR  530    Foundational Concepts for Nursing Informatics
NUR  531    Advanced Concepts in Nursing Informatics
NUR  539    Role Focused Practicum: Nursing Informatics
NUR  579    Role Focused Practicum: Nurse Educator
PSY  529    Embodied Cognition
SGS  501    Global Theory
SGS  502    Global Institutions and Actors
SGS  503    Methods: Global Decision Making Under Uncertainty
SGS  504    The Individual As Decision Maker in Cross-Cultural Global Contexts
SGS  505    Preparation for the Global Field Project
SLC  344    Classics and Comics
SOC  685    Applied Social Theory
SOS  117    Food System Sustainability
SOS  571    Renewable Energy Journal Club 0-1
SOS  572    Solar Utilization Network
SOS  573    Energy In Context
SOS  574    Global Energy Issues
SOS  575    Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship
SOS  576    Sustainable Energy Site Visits
SPA  406    Introduction to Spanish/English Medical Interpretation
SPA  414    Spanish for Sustainability and Environmental Studied
STC  530    Technology and Collaboration
SWU  251    Stress Management Tools II
SWU  350    Whole Person Health Across the Lifespan
WST  350    Masculinities
WST  615    Masculinities

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