Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2015

Senate Motion #2015-61

First Reading: via E-mail on March 16, 2015

Second Reading: March 30, 2015

Proposed Courses:
AIS  440    Cultural Professionalism
ASU  150    The LEAD Project I
BLE  221    Theories for Acquiring and Learning Languages
CHI  110    Intensive Chinese I
CHI  210    Intensive Chinese II
EGR  438    RF Systems
ENG  207    Elements of English Language and Cultures I
ENG  208    Elements of English Language and Cultures II
EXW  434    Fitness and Strength Conditioning
GER  110    Intensive German I
GER  210    Intensive German II
HCR  260    Health Care Industry and Regulation
HCR  261    Health Care Compliance
HCR  320    Essentials of Health Care Coordination
HCR  321    Health Care Coordination: Roles and Responsibilities
HCR  420    Health Care Coordination Role Development
HCR  422    Policy and Financial Principles in Health Care Coordination
HCR  426    Health Care Coordination Capstone
IBC  702    Brief Interventions in Primary Care
JMC  483    Cronkite News - Digital Production
JPN  110    Intensive Japanese I
JPN  210    Intensive Japanese II
LAW  608    Administrative Law
LSC  388    Research Fundamentals for the Natural Sciences
MGT  315    Women and Leadership in Business Today
MHL  632    Applied Musicology
NUR  300    Professional Nurse Concepts I
NUR  325    Health and Ilness Concepts I
NUR  336    Experiential Nursing I
NUR  352    Fundamental Concepts in Nursing
NUR  502    Advanced Health Assessment, Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics for Health Promotion I
NUR  503    Advanced Health Assessment, Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics for Health Promotion II
PHI  322    History and Philosophy of Sustainability
SLB  510    Amateur Sports Law
SLB  511    Strategic Career Planning
SLB  512    Professional Sports Law
SLB  513    Sports Law and Business
SLB  514    Contracts: Negotiation and Drafting in the Sports Industry
SLB  515    Sports Business Strategy and Industry Dynamics
SLB  516    Sports Business Development
SLB  517    Marketing for Sports Organizations
SLB  518    Sports Analytics
SPA  110    Intensive Spanish I
SPA  210    Intensive Spanish II
TGM  501    Global Accounting
TGM  502    Financial Management for Value Creation
TGM  503    Global Marketing
TGM  504    Managing Organizations from a Global Perspective
TGM  505    States & Markets in the Global Economy
TGM  506    Communicating and Negotiating Across Cultures
TGM  507    Preparation for the TEM Lab
TGM  508    Regional Business Environment I: Emerging Markets
TGM  509    Regional Business Environment II: Developed Economies
TGM  511    Global Financial Accounting
TGM  512    Managerial Decision Making
TGM 521    Managing for Value Creation
TGM 522    Global Financial Decisions
TGM 528    Business Intelligence
TGM 530    Big Data in the Age of the Global Economy
TGM 531    Multinational Value Chain
TGM 532    Leading Projects
TGM 540    Managing People through a Global Perspective
TGM 541    Competitive Strategy
TGM 546    Regional Industrial Analysis
TGM 547    Leading Change and Transformation
TGM 548    Global Strategy
TGM 549    Global Leadership
TGM 551    Global Marketing Strategy
TGM 552    Global Marketing Management
TGM 579    Communicating in a Global Context
TGM 581    Global Negotiations
TGM 585    Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Context
TGM 596  Global Field Project
TGM 598  Thunderbird Integrative Experience

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