Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2015

Senate Motion #2016-01

First Reading             via E-mail on August 17, 2015
Second Reading         August 31, 2015
Proposed Courses
AGB       250         Economics of Resource Allocation: Food & Agriculture
AME      430         Mac Development for Media Arts
ART        430         Advanced Sculpture:Materials & Techniques
ART        434         Advanced Sculpture: Context & Content
ART        529         Experimental Video Art
ASU       151         The LEAD Project II
FAS        410         Military Family Systems in a Democracy
FOR        105         Physical Evidence and the Crime Scene
FOR        106         Biology behind the Crime Scene
FOR        377         Forensic Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
HCD       304         Healthcare Finance
HCD       560         Systems Metabolic Physiology
HCD       561         Cellular Energetics and Metabolism
HCD       562         Emerging Bioethical Issues in Translational Biomedical Research
HCD       563         The Metabolic Syndrome
HCD       564         Translational Biomedical Sciences Seminar and Data Club
ITA         112         Italian for Romance Language Speakers
LAP        332         GIS Applications in Environmental Design
LDE         261         Landscape Architecture Design Fundamentals III
MED      300         Historical and Contemporary Issues in Health
NEW      101         The ASU New College Experience
NEW      210         From Passion to Practice: Charting Your Path
NEW      225         Building a Better You
NUR       326         Health and Illness Concepts 2
NUR       337         Experiential Learning 2
NUR       347         Nursing Practice: Childbearing Family
NUR       348         Nursing Practice Two
NUR       353         Transitional Concepts in Nursing
NUR       404         Professional Nurse Concepts 2
NUR       405         Professional Nurse Concepts 3
NUR       425         Health and Illness Concepts 3
NUR       436         Experiential Learning 3
NUR       437         Experiential Learning IV
NUR       446         Nursing Practice Adults 3
NUR       447         Nursing Practice Pediatrics
NUR       448         Nursing Practice Readinesses
NUR       452         Concepts in Population-Based Healthcare
NUR       453         Integration Concepts in the Health Care 
NUR       458         Community/Public Health Seminar
NUR       459         Interprofessional Seminar
NUR       607         Scientific Role Development III: Bridging
NUR       677         Scholarly Citizenship: Teaching Intensive
PBH        310         Epidemiology in Public Health
PBH        355         Research Methods for Public Health
PBH        455         Public Health Program Evaluation
PHY        460         Numerical methods in modern physics
PSY         543         Statistical Mediation Analysis
SLC         144         The Ancient Mediterranean

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