Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2015

Senate Motion #2016-10


 First Reading: via E-mail on September 14, 2015

Second Reading: September 28, 2015


Proposed Courses

CHS 100 Introduction to Health Solutions

CHS 101 The ASU Experience for Health Solutions Students

COM 415 Risk Communication

CRJ 210 Introduction to Criminal Investigations

CRJ 211 Documenting the Crime Scene

CRJ 300 Oral and Written Communication for Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRJ 433 Death Investigations: Principles of Forensic Medicine

CRJ 434 Drugs of Abuse

CRJ 435 Crime and Forensic Mental Health

EEE 521 Low-Power Bioelectronics

IBC 410 Behavioral and Mental Disorders

IBC 415 Behavioral Health Over the Lifespan

IBC 420 Introduction to Population Health Management

IBC 425 Introduction to Cognitive and Behavioral Counseling

IBC 430 Clinical Medical Pathophysiology

IBC 520 Integrated Health: The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

IBC 530 Evidence Based Integrated Health Care

IBC 540 Integrated Health Care Process Improvement

IBC 550 Integrated Care Business Operations

IBC 560 Strategic Business Planning and Big Data

IBC 570 Financial Management

IBC 580 Interprofessional Consultation, Leadership and Teamwork in Integrated Health Care

IFT 472 Managing the Cloud

MUE 325 Voice/Choral Lab


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