Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2015

Senate Motion #2016-15


First Reading: via E-mail on October 12, 2015
Second Reading: October 26, 2015
Proposed Courses

AMS 450 Latina/o, Schooling, and Social Inequality

ARA 240 Encounters with Contemporary Art

ARS 586 Theories of Contemporary Art

ART 206 Digital Photography I: The Still Image in Digital Culture

ART 207 Digital Photography 2: The Photograph in the Age of Information

ART 217 Introduction to Computer Animation

ART 300 Photo Editing: Narrative/Non-narrative

ART 302 The Still and Moving Image: Digital Photography and Video

ART 317 Advanced Digital Photography: The Virtual and the Physical Image

ART 400 The Photobook

ART 402 Traditional Genres in Photography

ART 406 New Genres in Digital Photography

ART 407 Digital Photography Capstone

ART 412 Advanced Techniques in Digital Photography

BIO 578 Environmental Leadership and Communication

BLE 404 Instructional Design for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

BME 340 Thermodynamics for Biomedical Engineers

CDE 244 Children Facing Healthcare Challenges

CIS 503 Decision Making with Data Analytics

CRJ 455 Police and International Terrorism

CRJ 456 Etiology of Martyrdom 

CRJ 530 Seminar in Forensics

CRJ 531 Crime Mapping

CRJ 532 Sex Crimes

CRJ 555 Police and International Terrorism

CRJ 556 Etiology of Martyrdom

CSE 335 Principles of Mobile Application Development

CSE 546 Cloud Computing

CSE 551 Foundations of Algorithms

CSE 573 Semantic Web Mining

DCE 654 Teaching Praxis 2: Theories, Contexts, Populations, Psychomotor Development, and Curriculum Design

DCE 656 Teaching Praxis 3: Secondary Practices, and Teacher Preparation Course Development & Implementation

DCE 657 Pedagogical Research and Fieldwork

ECD 576 Clinical Experience: Early Childhood (Grades K-3)

EDP 510 Psychology in Education

EED 550 Elementary Methods in Content Areas 

EEE 307 Signal Processing for Digital Culture

EEE 538 Optoelectronic Devices

ELL 504 Instructional Design for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

ERM 432 Sustainable Solid Waste Management

ERM 532 Sustainable Solid Waste Management

FMP 225 Introduction to Visual Effects

FMP 240 Introduction to Animation for Film

FMP 325 Guerilla VFX

FMP 361 Intermediate Screenwriting

FOR 290 Historical Perspectives of Forensic Science

FOR 402 Forensic Biology

GIT 415 Advanced Digital Video Techniques

HDA 111 Art and Society

HDA 311 Work and Careers in the Cultural and Creative Industries

HDA 511 Leadership in the Creative Industries

HDA 512 Strategy: Problem Identification and Opportunity Recognition in the Creative Industries

HDA 513 Creativity and Design Thinking

HDA 521 Arts, Culture, and the Economy

HDA 522 Media Literacy and Distribution

HED 603 Foundation of Data Analytics in Higher Education

HED 604 Analytics Process and Technology in Higher Education

HED 605 Data Management and Preparation for Higher Ed Analytics

HST 130 The Historian's Craft

HST 330 Historical Thinking

IFT 250 Introduction to UNIX Utilities

IFT 333 Introduction to Big Data

IFT 358 Network Information Communication Technology

IFT 372 Wireless Networking 

IFT 443 Analyzing Big Data

IFT 458 Middleware Programming and Database Security

IFT 475 Security Analysis I

IFT 545 Advanced Security Analysis

LDE 521 Advanced Landscape Architectural Studio I

LDE 522 Advanced Landscape Architectural Studio II 

LDE 621 Advanced Landscape Architectural Studio III

LDE 622 Advanced Landscape Architectural Studio IV

LSE 570 Case Exemplars of Learning Systems

LSE 571 History of the Learning Sciences

MAE 526 Design of Aerospace Structures

MAE 529 Continuum Mechanics

MAE 565 Rocket Propulsion

MAE 574 Multiphase Flow

MAT 487 Big Data and Mathematics

MFG 472 Additive Manufacturing

MGT 525 Self-Transformation Through Executive Connections

MHL 339 Undergraduate Bibliography I

MHL 340 Undergraduate Bibliography II

MHL 490 Capstone Project I: Undergraduate Thesis Research

MHL 491 Capstone Project II: Undergraduate Thesis

NEW 300 International Cities

OGL 481 Organizational Leadership Pro-Seminar I

OGL 482 Organizational Leadership Pro-Seminar II

PAF 203 Cross-Sector Collaboration

PAF 521 Managing Public Money

PAF 522 Advanced Governmental Financial Management - Capital Budgeting and Infrastructure Financing

PAF 582 E-Public Administration

PAF 585 Strategic Planning for Public Sector Leaders

PAF 586 Data Analytics for the Public Good

PAF 587 Federal Budgeting and Tax Policy

PAF 588 Global Public Policy

PAF 589 Leadership in Public Organizations

PAX 230 Introduction to Peace Studies

PAX 456 Studies in Forensics Linguistics   

PPE 567 Clinical Experience: Physical Education Elementary (Grades 1-8)

PPE 568 Clinical Experience: Physical Education Secondary (Grades 6-12)

SBS 300 Careers in Psychology

SCN 205 Tropical Ecology: A Cultural Exchange

SCN 209 Environmental Education Project

SCN 308 Urban Environmental Education

SCN 501 Ecology and Natural History of the Sonoran Desert

SCN 502 Outdoor Education

SCN 505 Tropical Ecology: A Cultural Exchange

SCN 507 Learning from Nature: Biomimicry and STEM

SCN 508 Urban Environmental Education

SCN 509 Environmental Education Project

SED 398 Clinical Experience

SGS 324 Negotiating Global Trade 

SLC 510 Computer-Assisted Language Learning Praxis

SPE 502 Language Development and Communication Disorders

SPE 503 Collaboration, Consultation, and Family Centered Practices

SPE 505 Collaborating w/ Families for Effective Transition Planning for Students w/ Intensive Support Needs

SPE 506 Advanced Methods Assessment, Curriculum Planning, and Instructional Strategies in Moderate/Severe

SPE 507 Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Students with Intensive Support Needs

SPE 508 Educational Foundations of Serving students with Severe Disabilities

SPE 509 Individualized Positive Behavior Supports for Students with Intensive Support Needs

SPE 510 Assistive Technology Supports for Students with Intensive Support Needs

STC 547 Political Economy of Social Technologies

SWG 540 Professional Experience I: Introduction to the Profession

SWG 563 Multicultural Perspectives on Community Development

SWU 454 Overview of Addictions

SWU 463 Multicultural Perspectives on Community Development

THF 370 Seminar: Acting Concentration for Stage and Screen

WPC 470 Business Administration Capstone

WPC 585 FutureForward Leadership

WST 469 Trash, Freaks, and SCUM 

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