Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2015

Senate Motion #2016-22


First Reading: via E-mail on November 12, 2015
Second Reading: November 23, 2015
Proposed Courses

ACC 560 Ethics for Professional Accountants II

ACT 435 Actuarial Business Forecasting

BCH 341 Physical Chemistry with a Biological Focus

COM 420 Rhetoric and Community Advocacy

COM 428 Graphic Novels and Popular Culture

COM 467 Digital Rhetoric

EXW 303 Human Sexuality for Health Education

EXW 312 HIV/AIDS Prevention

EXW 321 Consumer Health

EXW 331 Violence Prevention

EXW 341 Injury Prevention

EXW 351 Substance Abuse Prevention

EXW 361 Social Media and Marketing in Health Education

EXW 371 Conflict Management and Mediation

EXW 443 Emotional Health and Interpersonal Relationships

EXW 448 Foundations of School Health Education

HST 640 Historical Methods

HST 641 North American History

HST 642 European History

HST 643 Global History

HST 682 Advanced Research Skill

MAT 501 Geometry/Topology of Manifolds I

MAT 502 Geometry/Topology of Manifolds II

MIC 501 Foundations In Microbiology

PSY 570 Psychopharmacology

REL 101 Religion, Culture, and Public Life

SWG 573 Policies to Promote Healthy Aging

TCL 377 Arizona, Immigration, Latinos and Politics



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