Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2016

Senate Motion #2016-32


First Reading: via E-mail on February 9, 2016
Second Reading: February 22, 2016
Proposed Courses

ABS 377 International Wildlife Conservation

AME 210 Media Editing

ECD 526 Integrated Literacy for the Young Learner

EXW 540 Mindfulness, Stress, and Health

GTD 511 Development Policy and Practices

HED 606 Advanced Analytic Methods for Higher Education

HED 607 Visualization and Presentation for Higher Education

HED 608 Trends in Advanced Analytic Methods for Higher Education

HST 319 History of Aviation

LSE 542 Research Methods in the Learning Sciences

MAE 514 Vibration Analysis

MFG 461 Manufacturing Enterprise Operations

TEL 705 Systems Change and Leadership

TEL 707 Reading the Research

TGM 310 Supply Chain Operations for Global Organizations

TGM 312 Big Data in the Global Economy

TGM 430 International Trade and Regional Economic Agreements

TGM 460 Global Risk Assessment and Management

WPC 502 Self-Discovery through Career Coaching

WPC 503 Frontline to Boardroom Communication

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