Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2016

Senate Motion #2016-39


Motion Introduced by: Student-Faculty Policy Committee, Keith Hollinger, Chair

Date of First Reading: February 22, 2016

Date of Second Reading: March 28, 2016

Title of Motion:  Limiting the Number of iCourses for First-Time Full-Time Freshman Students.

Action Requested:  The Student-Faculty Policy Committee and the University Academic Council have reviewed this motion and recommend Senate approval.

Rationale: Whereas first-time full-time freshman students who have enrolled at ASU in the on-campus programs have already indicated a preference for face-to-face instruction;

whereas these students have the least academic experience, and would benefit from additional supervision and face-to-face interaction, as well as training on how to best navigate online courses during their initial year on campus.

The University Senate recommends that the University Provost Office institute a policy that limits first-time full-time freshman students to one iCourse per semester, except in the case that a student may be required to enroll in a course that is offered only online by his/her degree granting unit.  The Senate also recommends that all colleges and schools begin including a module in their ASU 101 course that addresses the topic of “how to succeed in iCourses”.




Not Approved