Arizona State University
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Spring 2016

Senate Motion #2016-40

Update 6-11-2018:  The original policy recommendation made in 2016-40 (see below) was not approved by the Provost. Subsequent to that decision the University Senate leadership worked with the Provost to develop improved language and an agreement on the proper location of this policy.  The new policy language is narrower in scope as it no longer includes first responders, but was approved by both the Provost and Senate leaders.  The new recommendation is to post the policy in the SSM manual (201-18) and then cross reference it into the ACD manual.  The accompanying document in the top right corner of this motion outlines the final and approved policy change recommendation.

Motion Introduced by: Student-Faculty Policy Committee, Keith Hollinger, Chair

Date of First Reading: February 22, 2016

Date of Second Reading: March 28, 2016              

Title of Motion: ACD 304-11 (proposed): Missed Classes and Assignments due to Active Duty/Reserve Military or First-Responder line-of-duty activities.

Action Requested: The Student-Faculty Policy Committee has reviewed this motion and recommends Senate approval. 

Rationale: Whereas, the ACD does not accommodate active duty military personnel, reserve military personnel, or emergency first responders who miss classes or assignments due to official duties and responsibilities,

whereas, active duty and reserve military personnel have duties that may interfere with academic schedules, and evolve rapidly;

whereas, active duty military personnel posted on military bases overseas may experience an unexpected internet communications blackout for indeterminate periods of time;

whereas emergency first responders may be called upon for indeterminate periods, in times of crisis;

be it resolved that, these categories of students need to be accommodated when their professional duties interfere with their ability to complete coursework, attend class, and/or participate.  ASU faculty have a responsibility to accommodate them.

Proposed New Policy

ACD 304-11: Missed Classes and Assignments Due to Active Duty/Reserve Military or First-Responder Line-of-Duty Activities


To provide students who are active duty/reserve military or first – responders opportunities to make-up graded assignments and examinations when they miss class or exams due to situations arising from their official duties.


University Senate

University Senate Student-Faculty Policy Committee


Instructors of students who are active duty/reserve military or first – responders, including faculty.

Academic Professionals

Administration, classified, and university staff

Teaching assistants

Active duty/reserve military and/or spouse/partner

First responders and/or spouse/partner

Spouses of active duty/reserve military or first – responders


Students who serve as active duty or reserve military personnel or as emergency first responders (defined as police, fire, or ambulance paramedics), who miss classes, graded assignments, or examinations because of required work performed in the line-of-duty, shall be given opportunities to make up examinations and other graded work.  However, absence from class or examinations due to line-of-duty activities does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of the absence. Because of the potential for a dramatic increase in family-related responsibilities during the deployed spouse’s absence, spouses who are legally responsible for minor dependents, should be afforded the same accommodations.

When there is a question as to the validity of the line-of-duty event, the Provost of the university or his/her designee shall determine, for the purposes of this policy, whether a particular event qualifies as a military or first responder line-of-duty activity.

In each college, a specific individual (e.g., dean’s designee) shall be responsible for facilitating adherence to this policy.  In accordance with any academic unit or college requirements, students who participate in line-of-duty activities shall be:

  1. provided make-up assignments, examinations, or other coursework that was missed due to a line-of-duty activity without penalty, if this is not possible,
  2. issued an incomplete with arrangements for completing the final coursework and earning a final grade, if this is not possible
  3. referred to academic advising with a recommendation of military activation withdrawal (if military related).

The aforementioned assignment makeup sequence shall be utilized, unless it can be shown that such an accommodation would constitute an unreasonable burden on the instructor. Should disagreement arise over this process, or what constitutes such a burden, the instructor and the student should initially contact the dean’s office, or the dean’s designee for handling these matters.

If the line-of-duty activity is known in advance, the student must submit the satisfactory evidence to the instructor early in the semester, or as soon as possible, prior to the missed class, assignment, or examination.  If the line-of-duty activity was not known in advance, the student is responsible for providing satisfactory evidence to the instructor as soon as possible after the missed class, assignment, or examination.  Every effort should be made to utilize sequence #1 noted above; incomplete grades (I) should not be used unless deemed necessary by the respective faculty.


Admin Response: 

Additional Documents

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