Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2016

Senate Motion #2016-52


Date of First Reading: via E-mail on March 14, 2016
Date of Second Reading: March 28, 2016
Proposed Courses

ABS    473      Applied Ornithology

AME   410      Interactive Materials

AME   435      Mobile Development

AME   444      Media Installations

AME   520      Understanding Activity

AME   544      Media Installations

ART    244      Introduction to Interactive Environments

BME   565      Magnetic Resonance Imaging

DSC    102      Introduction to Design

DSC    525      Design Research

DSC    526      Design Sustainability

ENG    318      The Life and Death of Languages

ENT    305      Principles of Entrepreneurship

ENT    441      Entrepreneurial Management

ENT    448      Corporate Entrepreneurship

FMP    418      Directing for Film and Media II

FMP    420      Film and Media Post-Production III

FOR    380      Analysis of Non-Human Forensic DNA Evidence

FOR    480      Advanced Topics in Human Forensic DNA Typing

GIT     310      Web Foundations

HST     439      Athenian Democracy

MAE   563      Aircraft Propulsion

MCO   101      Everyday Grammar

MUE   559      Social and Cultural Studies in Music Education

MUP   466      Broadway Dance

MUS   145      Non-Majors Class Piano: Beginner

MUS   245      Non-Majors Class Piano: Intermediate

MUS   345      Non-Majors Class Piano: Advanced

PPE     485      Physical Activity Leadership in Schools

PPE     586      Physical Activity Leadership in Schools

SLC     475      Latin American Film

SLC     486      Medical Translation

SPA     550      Spanish for Reading Knowledge

TGM   510      Strategies in Global Development

TGM   519      Global Financial Engineering

TGM   524      Valuation of the Private Firm

TGM   525      Global Financing  and Forecasting for the Private Firm

TGM   526      Global Portfolio Management

TGM   527      Global Private Equity

TGM   529      Multinational Corporate Finance (FORAD)

TGM   536      Global Trade Risk Assessment and Mitigation

TGM   537      Global Finance, Trade, and Regional Economic Agreements

TGM   553      Global Customer Decision Making

TGM   554      Global Marketing Research

TGM   556      Global Strategic Services Marketing

TGM   558      Gbl Data Analysis for Strategic Marketing

TGM   559      Global Brand Management