Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-01


First Reading:  via E-mail on August 15, 2016
Second Reading:  August 29, 2016
Proposed Courses

AFR 358 The Yoruba and the Atlantic World

AIS 375 Innovation for American Indian Sustainability

AIS 385 Entrepreneurship for American Indian Sustainability

AME 411 Advanced Interactive Sound

AME 511 Advanced Interactive Sound

ARB 422 Advanced Arabic Media

CHM 442 Practical NMR Spectroscopy

CHM 542 Practical NMR Spectroscopy

CON 441 Public Works Capital Construction

CON 502 Front-End Planning

CON 541 Public Works Capital Construction

EMS 586 Introduction to MSL Capstone

EMS 587 MSL Capstone Preparation

EMS 588 MSL Capstone

FMS 412 Story Analysis for Film and Television

GPH 112 Introduction to Physical Geography Lab

HST 280 History of Science, Ideas, and Innovation

HST 380 Studies in the History of Science

HST 381 Studies in the History of Ideas

HST 382 Studies in the History of Innovation and Technology

HST 482 Writing and the History of Science, Ideas, and Technology

IED 320 Early Education and Development/Indigenous Children

ISS 110 Dimensions of Social Science

ISS 301 Integrated Social Science Research Methods

ISS 302 Scope of Social Science

ISS 304 Integrated Theories of Social Science

ISS 401 Statistics for Integrated Social Science

ISS 410 Integrative Leadership Studies

ISS 415 Knowledge Management

ISS 428 Religion and Global Violence

ISS 437 Integrative Ethics in Social Science

ISS 441 Conflict and Conflict Resolution

ISS 450 Consumerism and Sustainable Development

ISS 456 Culture, Conflict and War

ISS 482 Globalization and International Political Economy

ISS 501 Advanced Integrated Social Research Methods

ISS 502 Advanced Seminar in Integrated Social Science

ISS 504 Advanced Integrated Theories of Social Science

ISS 505 Multivariate Methodologies of Social Science

ISS 506 Community Governance, Leadership, and Civic Engagement

ISS 508 Knowledge, Innovation, and Social Change

ISS 510 Religion, Secularism, and social Dynamics

ISS 512 Advanced Integrative Ethics in Social Science

ISS 514 Cultural Diversity and Gender Understanding

ISS 516 Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies, and Social Movements

ISS 518 Science, Technology, and Social Systems

ISS 522 Globalization and International Political Economy

ISS 562 Politics of Development and Underdevelopment

POS 335 Power and American Democracy

POS 348 Do You Want to Build a Nation?

PSY 545 Advanced Legal Psychology

PSY 546 Advanced Forensic Psychology

PSY 547 Advanced Correctional Psychology

PTX 301 Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology

PTX 450 Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory

SOS 232 Professional Skills in Sustainability Practice

SOS 571 Sustainable Energy I: Technologies and Systems

SOS 572 Sustainable Energy II: Transitions

SOS 573 Sustainable Energy III: Futures Analysis, Negotiation and Governance

SOS 574 Sustainable Energy Analytics in Context

SOS 575 Sustainable Energy Research Seminar

TGM 538 Corporate Partners

TGM 555 Global Product Development and Global Pricing