Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-08


First Reading:  via E-mail on September 13, 2016
Second Reading:  September 26, 2016
Proposed Courses:

AME 535 Mobile Development

AMT 151 Flight Operations and Safety III.a

AMT 206 Flight Operations and Safety IV.a

AMT 211 Flight Operations and Safety V.a

AMT 251 Flight Operations and Safety VI.a

AMT 306 Flight Operations and Safety VII.a

AMT 311 Flight Operations and Safety VIII.a

ART 555 Artists' Books

CEE 552 Soil Improvement

CHE 384 Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers

CPI 462 Design for Learning in Virtual Worlds 

CSE 259 Logic in Computer Science

EEE 529 Semiconductor Memory Technologies and Systems

IFT 220 Managing Configurations and Active Directory

JHR 100 Introduction to Social Justice and Human Rights

JHR 305 Theory and Practice of Social Justice and Human Rights

JMC 102 Coding for Journalists

MCO 102 Fundamentals of Coding

MCO 556 Media Entrepreneurship

OGL 375 Corporate Leadership - Starbucks

PHI 422 God and the Problem of Suffering | CL: Add REL 459

REL 459 God and the Problem of Suffering | CL: Add PHI 422

SWG 640 Professional Seminar II: Applying Theory to Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice



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