Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-15

First Reading:  via E-mail on October 18, 2016
Second Reading:
October 31, 2016
Proposed Courses:    This motion was revised on the Senate floor, please scroll to the bottom

ACC 501 Basics of Financial Performance Reporting and Analysis

ACC 504 Basics of Internal Measures of Success: Managerial Accounting

ACO 351 Governance, Risk & Compliance

ACO 361 Secure Coding Concepts

ACO 461 Security Operations

ACT 301 Risk Management and Insurance

ART 455 Artists' Books

BMD 513 Principles of Diagnostic Technology: Immunoassays

CON 491 Construction Project Capstone

CPY 635 Professional Development

CPY 654 Biobases of Behavior

CRJ 317 Inside Out Prison Exchange Program

ECN 342 Sports Economics

ECN 504 Basics of Decisions, Market Structure and Games: Managerial Economics

ENG 235 Introduction to Contemporary Theory

ERM 533 Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

EVE 214 Environmental Engineering Mechanics

EVE 261 Introduction to Environmental Processes

EVE 302 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals: Physical and Chemical Processes

EVE 303 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals: Biological Processes

EVE 304 Environmental Engineering Processes Lab

EXW 530 Theory and Application of Resistance Training

EXW 554 Planning and Implementation in Health Promotion

EXW 556 Program Evaluation in Health Promotion

EXW 655 Physical Activity and Public Health

FIN 455 Entrepreneurial Finance

FIN 501 Basics of Finance: The Art of Managing Resources to Create Value

FMP 370 Producing for Film and Media

FSH 201 Textiles Survey

FSH 202 Fashion Construction

FSH 203 Fashion Illustration

FSH 204 Social Aspects of Fashion

FSH 206 Fashion Design

FSH 300 Global Fashion Industry

FSH 397 Fashion Capstone Development

GIT 250 Introduction to Commercial Print

GSC 501 War, Conflict and Security

GSC 502 Security Studies

GSC 503 Future of War

GSC 504 Understanding Conflict and War

GSC 505 Law of War

GSC 506 U.S. Politics of Security

GSC 507 Global Politics of Security

GSC 508 Comparative Studies of Conflict

GSC 509  Emerging Technologies and Global Security

GSC 510 Governance in Post-Conflict & Transitional Contexts

GSC 511 Terrorism and Insurgency

GSC 512 Global Trends

GSC 550 Capstone

GTD 512 International Governance and Development of Nuclear Technologies

HCD 570 Process Engineering

HCD 575 Leadership and Professionalism

HEB 349 Israeli Wars in Israeli Movies

HSC 441 Applied Health Coaching Techniques

IAP 407 Utopia/Dystopia: Science Fiction and Media | CL: Add WST 407

IBC 110 Introduction to Integrated Behavioral Health

IBC 120 Introduction to Integrated Healthcare Systems

IEE 321 Ethics and Technical Communication

IND 424 Packaging Design

IND 504 Contemporary Issues in Industrial Design

IND 510 Foundation Industrial Design Studio

IND 511 Core Industrial Design Studio I

IND 512 Core Industrial Design Studio II

IND 516 The Culture of Objects

IND 532 Solving Problems with Life Cycle Assessment

IND 550 Furniture Design

JMC 121 Sports Production

JMC 220 Broadcast Voice and Delivery

JMC 333 Advanced Bilingual Broadcast Reporting

JMC 457 Advanced Radio Reporting

KIN 415 Theory of Corrective Exercise

KIN 515 Theory of Corrective Exercise

KIN 540 Advanced Biomechanics of Human Motion

KIN 545 Movement Assessment and Evaluation

KIN 550 Clinical Applications in Biomechanics

KIN 552 Applied Research Methods in Biomechanics

LAW 608 Taxation of Business Entities

LAW 609 Administrative Law

LES 586 Basics of Ethical Issues for Managers

MCO 307 The Digital Audience

MCO 436 Audience Research and Behavior

MCO 437 Audience Acquisition and Engagement

MCO 438 Digital Audience Analysis

MCO 439 Digital Audience Growth

MCO 517 Public Relations Campaigns

MCO 521 News Producing

MCO 557 Advanced Radio Reporting

MGT 501 Basics of Leading People, Teams & Organizations: Org Theory

MGT 528 Basics of Mastering the Art of Influence and Negotiations

MGT 586 Basics of Sources of Competitive Advantage I

MKT 280  Fashion Merchandising | CL: Add  FSH 280

MKT 451 Sports Business Analytics

MKT 501 Basics of Create and Deliver Customer Value: Marketing Management

MUP 360 Musicianship for Singers

NTR 302 Digital Technologies in Nutrition Communication

NTR 555 Nutrition and the Athlete

PAF 605 Organization Theory and Behavior Seminar

PAF 609 Advanced Quantitative Methods Seminar

RDG 572 Literacy Teacher Leader

SCM 501 Basics of Operations & Supply Management

SES 141 Energy In Everyday Life

SGS 361 World Society: Imagining the World

SHS 300 Foundations of Rehabilitation Science

SHS 340 Chronic Illness, Disability, and the Environment

SHS 360 Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings

THE 431 History of Fashion II: 20th Century Fashion

WPC 300 Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics

WPC 504 Basics of Understanding Facts: Statistics for Managers

The following courses were removed from the consent agenda and a vote to postpone them until the 11-28-2016 meeting was approved by the Senators.  See Senate meeting #3 minutes 10-31-2016, once posted.  

CAP 120 Introduction to Counseling

CAP 220 Exploring Cultural Diversity in Counseling

CAP 240 Counseling Skills

CAP 260 Survey of Careers in Counseling and Applied Psychology

CAP 310 Addictions I - Foundations and Basic Principles

CAP 315 Trauma and Crisis Intervention

CAP 320 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy

CAP 325 Professional Practice and Ethics in Counseling

CAP 330 Group Counseling

CAP 340 Multicultural Counseling Theory and Practice

CAP 342 Community Outreach, Prevention and Intervention

CAP 400 Advanced Counseling Research Methods

CAP 420 School Counseling

CAP 440 Addictions II - Treatment, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention



Approved with Revisions