Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-35


Motion Introduced by:  Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Caroline Harrison, Chair

Date of First Reading:  January 30, 2017

Date of Second Reading: February 27, 2017

Title of Motion: Request from the College of Nursing and Health Innovation – for the establishment of a graduate certificate – Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Action Requested: This curricular proposal has received all college, school, unit and university administrative approvals, and is being presented to the Senate for review and voting decision.   

Rationale:  There is a growing demand for Nationally Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNP) locally and across the nation. Adult Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioners have educational preparation to provide basic primary care for women, but do not have the educational preparation nor the scope of practice to provide complex and comprehensive women’s health including reproductive, gynecological, and perinatal care. The target audience for the Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner are nurses 1) who already hold a minimum of a master’s degree in nursing, although have not been educationally prepared as a nurse practitioner, 2) who already hold a minimum of a master’s degree, who have been certified by their state board of nursing as a WHNP but who have not taken a national board examination for Women’s Health NP; 3) and those who hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing and are nationally certified as an adult-gerontology NP or Family NP. This certificate provides another option to become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for those nurses who already have a Master’s Degree and do not wish to pursue a Doctoral Degree.

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