Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-47


First Reading:  via E-mail on March 13, 2017

Second Reading:  March 27, 2017
Proposed Courses:

Strike through courses have been removed from this consent agenda motion

AIS     445       Principles of American Indian Leadership

ART     415      Digital Compsiting

ART     418      Alternative Processes II

ART     518      Alternative Processes II

ASB     357      Society, Drugs, and Health

BMI     410      Database Management in Healthcare

EDT     511      Emerging Technologies

FMS     535      Comedy as a Social Discourse

GLG     546      Advanced Watershed Hydrology

GLG     549      Echohydrology of Semiarid Landscapes

IBC     630      Financial Management of Healthcare

IBC     725      Effective Consultation in Integrated Healthcare

JUS     355      Human Rights Organizations and Institutions

MUP   438      The Enterprising Musician

MUP   538      The Enterprising Musician

TAM   511      Accounting for Business Leaders

TAM   521      Financial Analysis and Management

TAM   530      Data Analysis & Decision Making

TAM   531      Project and Operations Leadership

TAM   534      Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development

TAM   541      Strategy in a Competitive World

TAM   542      Leadership and Personal Leadership Development

TAM   597      Applied Integrative Project

TEL     201      The Teachers College Experience II

TEL     708      Collaborative Approaches to Data-Informed Decision Making

TEL     709      Directed Field-Based Study

TGM   575      Global Affair Theory

TGM   577      International Organizations