Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2017-60


First Reading:  via E-mail on April 13, 2017
Second Reading:  April 24, 2017
Proposed Courses:

ABS    372      Captive Animal Behavior Management

ABS    452      Commercial Applications of Fermentation

ACT    302      Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management

ACT    320      Property and Casualty Insurance

ACT    330      Life and Health Insurance

AIS     445      Principles of American Indian Leadership

ART    467      Art and Ecology | CL: Add SOS 467

ART    563      Ceramic Glaze Research

ART    567      Art and Ecology | CL: Add SOS 567

BIO     400      Topics in Neuroscience | CL: Add KIN/PSY/SHS 400

BIO     476      Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience

BIO     477      Systems & Behavioral Neuroscience

ENG    319      Future of English Course was removed from the consent agenda and was not voted on.  

ENG    541      Teaching Texts in Secondary Classrooms

ERM   535      Water Law and Policy

GPH    513      Meteorological Instruments and Measurement

JUS     355      Human Rights Organizations and Institutions

MAE   519      Mechanics of Micro/Nano Systems

PSY     307      Your Brain on Drugs

REL    349      Nature, Sustainability, and Religion

SER     531      Semantic Web Engineering

SGS     304      Foundations of Cross-Cultural Awareness

SOS     476      Climate Science for Sustainability | CL: Add GLG 476

SOS     522      Qualitative Methods for Sustainability Problems

SOS     557      Global Sustainability Research Preparation

SOS     558      Global Sustainability Research Project

SOS     559      Global Sustainability Science Perspectives Seminar

SOS     576      Climate Science for Sustainability | CL: Add GLG 576

TGM   576      Global Affairs Methods





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