Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2018-01


First Reading:  via E-mail on August 15, 2017

Second Reading:  August 28, 2017
Proposed Courses:

ACO   423      Data Science

ACT    505      Actuarial Models for Enterprise Risk Management

ACT    510      Mathematics of Finance

ACT    515      Probability for Risk Management

ACT    520      Ratemaking and Reserving

ACT    530      Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

ACT    535      Statistics for Risk Modeling 

ACT    540      Long-term Actuarial Mathematics I

ACT    541      Long-term Actuarial Mathematics II

ACT    550      Actuarial Models and Modeling I

ACT    551      Actuarial Models and Modeling II

ACT    560      Advanced Data Analytics in Insurance I

ACT    561      Advanced Data Analytics in Insurance II

ACT    565      Regulation and Financial Reporting in P&C

ACT    570      Stochastic Calculus for Finance

ACT    571      Advanced Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

ACT    575      Portfolio Theory and Risk Management

ACT    585      Advanced Mortality Modeling and Management of Longevity Risk

AFR    368      Black Religion: Sex, Power, and Eroticism

ART    378      Digital Textiles

BME   568      Human Factors and System Design in Assistive Technologies

CIS      310      Business Data Visualization

CIS      325      Fundamental Techniques for Business Data Analytics

CIS      401      Managing Cyber Risks in Enterprise Business Processes

CIS      402      Privacy, Ethics and Compliance Issues

COM   540      Conducting Communication Research

COM   550      Capstone

CPP     201      NGSC Community Impact Lab

CPP     353      Community Impact Lab

CPP     570      GIS for Hazards Analysis

CPP     581      Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence

EEE     522      Radio Frequency Test

EEE     566      Advanced Device Modeling and Simulation

ENG    319      Future of English

FIN     535      Financial Statistics

FRE     414      French and Italian Popular Culture

HCI     150      Introduction to Health Innovation

HCI     250      Health Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

HCR    245      Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Behavior

HCR    576      Drug Discovery, Development and Regulations

HCR    577      Global Regulatory Affairs

HCR    578      Legal Aspects of Clinical Research

HCR    579      Translational Research in Drug Discovery & Development

HSM   506      Managing Health Care Organizations

HSM   550      Health Care Marketing

HSM   552      Health Care Supply Chain Management

HSM   575      Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy in the Health Care Sector

HST     377      Sports in United States History

HST     379      History of College Sports

IFT      101      Information Technology Programming Logic

IFT      102      Introduction to Java Technologies

LAW   619      Energy Law & Policy

MSE    457      Quantum Mechanics for Understanding Properties of Atoms and Solids

PHI     107      Introduction to Philosophy of Sex and Love

PSY     375      Psychology of Addictive Behavior

SER     574      Advanced Software Design

SHS     701      Scientific Writing and Presentation in Communication Sciences and Disorders I

SHS     702      Scientific Writing and Presentation in Communication Sciences and Disorders II

SST     301      Mixed Research Methods for American Communities

SST     604      Sexuality Studies

STP     505      Bayesian Statistics

STP     540      Computational Statistics

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