Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2018-08


First Reading: via E-mail on September 11, 2017
Second Reading: September 25, 2017
Proposed Courses:

CHS 301        Epidemiology for International Public Health

CHS 201        International Indigenous Health

CHS 302        Biostatistics for International Public Health This course was tabled and not approved.

CHS 303        Health Promotion

CHS 304        Communicable Disease

CHS 305        Principles of Prevention & Public Health Surveillance

CHS 306        Public Health Policy & Programs

CHS 307        Health Leadership

CHS 308        Comparative Health Systems

CHS 309        Global Health and Lifestyle Disease

CHS 401        Ethics in Public Health

HCD 482       Capstone I

HCD 483       Capstone II

SLC 340        Approaches to International Cinema

SOS 330        Sustaining the Commons

SOS 529        Research Seminar in Environmental and Sustainability Economics

WPC 448       Intensive Career Preparation



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