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Senate Motion #2018-14


First Reading: via E-mail on October 16, 2017
Second Reading: October 30, 2017
Proposed Courses:      Lined through courses were not approved and postponed to SM#4, pending unit discussions

ABS      467      Comparative Immunology

ACC     507      Innovations with Auditing Technologies

ACC     508      Generating Audit Analytics using Accounting Information Systems

ACC     509      Statistics for Accounting Analytics

ACO     501      Database Systems and Problem Solving in Python

ACT      420      Ratemaking and Reserving

APA      355      Asian American Psychology

BIO      475      Advanced Human Anatomy

BMD    514      Principles of Diagnostic Technology: Molecular Diagnostics

BME    122      Statistics for Biomedical Engineers

BME    316      Biomechanics for Biomedical Engineers

BME    467      Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

BME    567      Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

BUS      436      Frontiers in Risk Management

CEL      100      Great Ideas of Politics and Ethics

CEL      200      Great Debates in American Politics and Economics

CEL      235      Federalists, Anti-Federalists, and the Enduring Debate over American Constitutionalism

CEL      300      Capitalism and Great Economic Debates

CEL      305      Classical Political Philosophy and Statesmanship:  The Greeks

CEL      320      Modern Political Thought: Origins and Debates about Modern Liberty

CEL      345      Classics of Modern Economic Thought: Smith to Hayek and Beyond

CEL      345      Classics of Modern Economic Thought: Smith to Hayek and Beyond

CEL      375      Politics and Leadership in the Age of Revolutions, 1776-1826

CEL      475      Statesmanship and American Grand Strategy

CEL      485      Capstone Seminar in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

CHS      300      The Science of Happiness

CIS       312      Business Mobile Commerce and Monetization

CIS       541      Business Data Visualization

CON     343      Advanced Heavy Equipment Operations

CRJ      411      Legal Issues in Corrections

CRJ      444      Institutional Corrections

CRJ      445      Tools for Engaging Correctional Populations

CRJ      533      Seminar in White Collar Crime

CRJ      535      Seminar in Crime and Forensic Mental Health

CRJ      558      Seminar in International Terrorism

FAS      510      Bayesian Analyses in the Social Sciences | CL: Add  SOC 510

FMP     280      Introduction to Film and Media Production

FMP     335      Careers in Film and Media Industry

FMP     350      Documentary Filmmaking

GIS       270      Statistics for Geography and Planning

IED       501      Critical Indigenous Research Methodologies

IED       502      Indigenous Knowledges in Education

IED       503      Current Issues in American Indian Education

IED       535      Community-Based Participatory Action Research

IED       585      Capstone

JUS       371      Sexuality and Social Justice

LSC      519      Applied Learning Lab

LSC      562      Applied Mathematics Techniques in Biology

MAE    562      Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics - Interfaces

MAT    353      Mathematics and Cancer

MAT    412      Differential Geometry

MCO    561      Defining the Digital Audience

MCO    562      Digital Audience Acquisition and Search Engine Marketing

MCO    563      Social Media Campaigns and Engagement

MCO    565      Digital Audience Analytics

MUP    439      Music Product Creation and Development

NEW    100      Introduction to Conflict Resolution

NTR     502      Statistics in Research

NTR     524      Chronic Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome: the Common Pathway for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

PSY      384      Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

PSY      502      Professional Issues in Psychology

PSY      517      Quantitative Analysis III

PSY      549      Capstone in Forensic Psychology

PSY      553      Capstone in General Psychology

SES       126      Exploration of the Universe

SES       128      Exploration of the Universe Lab

SES       130      Coding for Exploration

SES       501      SESE Colloquium

SES       502      Exploring SESE Research

SPE      562      Personnel Supervision and Organizational Behavior Management in Educational Settings

SPE      564      Controversial Therapies; Science, Fad and Pseudoscience in Educational Settings

TWC    214      Storytelling with Data

TWC    596      Technical Communication Capstone

WPC    148      Freshman Career Preparation

WPC    248      Sophomore Career Preparation

WPC    347      Intermediate Career Preparation

WPC    348      Junior Career Preparation

WPC    449      Campus to Career




Approved with revisions

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