Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2018-18


First Reading:  via E-mail on November 15, 2017

Second Reading:  November 27, 2017

Proposed Courses:

ARB        315         Advanced Arabic for Heritage Speakers

ARB        340         Arabic Translation

BIO         160         Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

BIO         432         Why People Steal, Cheat, and Lie

BME       360         Control in Biological Systems

BME       362         Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology

CEL         100        Great Ideas of Politics and Ethics

CEL        200         Great Debates in American Politics and Economics

CEL        235          Federalists, Anti-Federalists, and the Enduring Debate over American Constitutionalism

CEL        300         Capitalism and Great Economic Debates

CEL        305         Classical Political Philosophy and Statesmanship: The Greeks  (course was approved outside the consent agenda)

CEL        320         Modern Political Thought: Origins and Debates about Modern Liberty (course was approved outside the consent agenda)

CEL        345         Classics of Modern Economic Thought: Smith to Hayek and Beyond

CEL        375         Politics and Leadership in the Age of Revolutions, 1776-1826

CEL        475         Statesmanship and American Grand Strategy

CIS         565         Artificial Intelligence and Business

CPP        511         Hazard Mitigation Planning

CPP        513         Public Private Partnerships for Emergency Management and Homeland Security

EXW       486         Applied Projects In Health Education and Health Promotion

FMP       350         Documentary Filmmaking    Not voted on: removed from the agenda at the request of the originating unit.  

JUS        651         Theorizing Sexuality & Social Justice

KOR       375         Intercultural Communication in Korea | CL: Add SLC 375

KOR       415         Korean Popular Culture | CL: Add  SLC 415

LAW       670         Pro Sport Team Ops/Legal Issues

LAW       671         Sports Venue Construction:Legal & Financial Issues

LAW       673         Risk Management for Venues in the Sports Industry

LAW       676         Amateur Sports Law

LAW       672         History of MLB Since World War II

LAW       674         NCAA Compliance, Infractions & Enforcement

LAW       675         Professional Sports Law

LSC        547         Wet Laboratory Experience

LSC        555         Integrative Biology I

LSC        556         Integrative Biology II

MCO      564         Digital Audience Research and Behavior

MCO      566         Digital Audience Management

MUP      539         Music Product Creation and Development

NTR       510         Food and Nutrition Across the Lifespan

SHS       578         Fluency Disorders

SLB        519         Pro Sport Team Ops/Legal Issues-MSLB

SLB        520         Sports Venue Construction:Legal & Financial Issues-MSLB

SLB        581         U.S. Law & Legal Analysis through Sport - MSLB

SLB        521         Risk Mgmt for Venues in the Sports Industry-MSLB

SLB        522         NCAA Compliance, Infractions & Enforcement-MSLB

SLB        523         History of MLB Since World War II - MSLB

SLC        425         What is Globalization? A History of Contact and Conflict

SPA        546         Heritage Language Pedagogy

SST        520         Learning Technologies in Native Education

SST        530         Culture and Education

STP        560         Experimental Statistics in Biology

TEL        102         Professional Educator Series:  My Network Footprint Not voted on: removed from the consent agenda at the request of the originating unit.

TEL        202         Professional Educator Series:  My Impact Not voted on: removed from the consent agenda at the request of the originating unit.



Approved with revisions

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