Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2018-38

First Reading: via E-mail on March 12, 2018
Second Reading: March 26, 2018
Proposed Courses:

CON 451 Innovative Project Delivery

CPP 523 Foundations of Program Evaluation I: Multiple Regression

CPP 524 Foundations of Program Evaluation II: Research Design

CPP 525 Foundations of Program Evaluation III: Advanced Regression Tools

CPP 526 Foundations of Data Science I: Introduction to Data Programming in R

CPP 527 Foundations of Data Science II: Data Wrangling

CPP 528 Foundations of Data Science III: Project Management

CPP 529 Data Analytics Practicum

CPP 582 Infectious Disease Intelligence (PLuS Alliance)

CPP 583 Health Aspects of Crises, Emergencies, Disasters (PLuS Alliance)

CRJ 557 Seminar in Domestic Terrorism

EDT 511 Emerging Trends and Technologies for Learning Design

ENG 322 Westerns: Film and Short Stories

ENG 324 Horror: Film and Short Stories

ENG 343 Crime: Film and Short Stories

GLE 501 Global Thinking in Education

GLE 502 Inquiry in Global Education

ITA 423 Italian Organized Crime in Films and History: Approaches to Genre in Italian and American Film

JMC 434 Advanced Bilingual Reporting

MCO 504 Journalism Skills Lab

MCO 534 Advanced Spanish-Language Reporting

MUE 434 Health Rhythms Drum Facilitation

MUE 534 Health Rhythms Drum Facilitation

MUP 444 Concert Band

MUS 146 Singing for Non-Majors

SPE 400 Language Development and Disorders

SWU 416 Domestic Violence & National AmeriCorps Service

SWU 417 Technology, Interpersonal Relationships & Abuse

SWU 418 Global Perspectives on Violence Against Women

TWC 560 Capstone in User Experience

WWS 561 Decision Points I

WWS 562 Decision Points II

WWS 564 The Global War

WWS 566 World War II Today

WWS 567 World War II in Film

WWS 568 World War II in Literature

WWS 569 Memory and Monuments



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