Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2018-51


First Reading: via E-mail on April 6, 2018
Second Reading: April 23, 2018
Proposed Courses:

ARB 360 Islamic Philosophical Literature

COM 423 Facilitating Collaboration and Dialogue

COM 432 Forgiveness and Reconciliation

ECD 310 Applied Early Child Development

ECD 322 Cognition and General Knowledge: Science, Math, Logic and Reasoning

ECD 325 Supporting Dual Language Learners

ECD 327 Becoming a Teacher Leader

ECD 476 Intentional Teaching

ECS 427 Highly Individualized Teaching and Learning

EEE 585 Security and Privacy in Networked Systems

EGR 581 Simulating Manufacturing Systems

FSE 310 Transfer Success in Engineering

FSE 404 EPICS Gold: EPICS in Action

HSE 531 Data Analytics: Modeling Human Subjects Data

ITA 350  Food and Culture:  The Mediterranean Lifestyle in Italy| CL: Add  SLC 350

MAE 522 Plasticity

MAE 548 Probabilistic Methods for Mechanical Analysis

MCO 546 News  21 Seminar

MSE 525 Fundamentals of Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials and Device Applications

PSY 563 Prevention Planning and Evaluation in Service Settings

PSY 564 Prevention Education, Communication, and Service Delivery

PSY 569 Professional Ethics, Growth and Responsibility in Prevention

PSY 601 Addiction and Substance Abuse: Assessment and Diagnosis

PSY 602 Comorbidity in Substance Use Related Problems

PSY 603 Evidence-Based Interventions For Substance Use Related Problems

PSY 604 Multicultural Issues Related to Substance Use Related Problems

SEC 501 Solar Engineering and Commercialization I

SEC 502 Solar Engineering and Commercialization II

TCL 348 The Borders of Language| CL: Add  ASB 348, ENG 348

WWS 563 The Lived Experience of World War II

WWS 597 Capstone



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