Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2019-01


First Reading: via E-mail on August 13, 2018
Second Reading: August 27, 2018
Proposed Courses:

ACT 370 R and Excel for Actuaries

COM 455 Surveillance and Popular Culture

COM 482 Communication, Instruction, and Training

CPP 576 Information Assurance Principles

CPP 577 Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection

CPP 578 Cyber Defense

ECN 479 Experiments in Economics

ENG 417 Virtual Worlds for Global Communication

ENG 439 Technoliteracies

ENG 441 Introduction to Participatory Media

ENG 443 Gender, Culture and Literacy

ENG 449 Masculinities, Femininities and Literacies

ENV 103 Field & Lab Geology for Environmental Science

HCD 517 Economic Evaluation in Healthcare

HCD 527 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management

HCD 537 Comparative Health Care Systems

HCD 547 Health Leadership and Workforce Management

HCD 557 Clinical Governance & Risk Management

HCD 567 Current Challenges in Infectious Disease

HCD 577 Infection Prevention Control in the Healthcare Setting

HCD 587 Infectious Diseases Intelligence

HON 386 Writing about Self and Place 

IAP 496 Playworks Portfolio

INT 581 Preinternship Seminar for Interior Architecture

KIN 424 Neural Aspects of Movement and Rehabilitation

MSC 221 Popular Music Lab: Rhythm Section

MSC 443 Popular Music Forum

MSC 451 Popular Music Industry Studies I

MSC 452 Popular Music Industry Studies II

PSY 224 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 567 Prevention Organization and Community Change

PSY 678 Preventive Psychosocial Interventions That Work

REL 620 Theories in the Anthropology of Religion

REL 626 Themes in the Anthropology of Religion

SHS 568 Special Populations in Communication Disorders

SHS 586 Language Essentials for Teaching Reading

SWG 647 The Domestic Violence Movement: An Intersectional Framework 

SWG 648  Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment

TWC 436 Project Management in Technical Communication

VTS 301 Veterans, Society and Service: Experience of America's Modern Wars

VTS 302 Representations and Self-Representations of Veterans in the Media and the Arts

VTS 402 Undergraduate Research



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