Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2019-19


First Reading: via E-mail on October 15, 2018
Second Reading:
October 29, 2018
Proposed Courses:

BIO     539      Computing for Research  | CL: Add EVO 539, MCB 539

BME   465      Magnetic Resonance Imaging

BMI    517      Biostatistics with Computational Applications

CEN    503      Algorithms for Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems

CEN    571      Hardware Acceleration and FPGA Computing 

COM   363      Latinxs and the Media

CPY    568      Group Intervention

CPY    673      Trauma in Counseling

DNP    649      Advanced Physiology

EXW   215      Resistance Training and Recovery Instructional Laboratory

EXW   217      Fitness and Flexibility Instructional Laboratory

EXW   442      Motivational Interviewing

IDS     140      The Nature of Knowledge Systems

IDS     201      Intellectual Fusion

IDS     310      Integration: Cultural Contexts

IDS     311      Integration: Global Contexts

IDS     312      Integrative Perspectives on Change

IDS     313      Integrative Perspectives on a Changing World

IDS     314      Integrative Perspectives on Cultural Dynamics

IDS     315      Integration: Social Contexts

IDS     316      Integration: Humanities Contexts

INT     520      Professional Practice for Interior Architecture

INT     541      Codes and Building Regulations

INT     554      Construction Documents for Interior Architecture

JMC    306      Sports Multimedia Journalism

JMC    482      Sports Knowledge Lab

LAW   677      Personal and Corporate Branding in Sports

MCO   545      Techniques of Investigative Reporting

MKT   472      Immersive Brand Experience I: Intelligence, Insights and Strategy

MKT   473      Immersive Brand Experience II: Creative, Media, and Measures

MSC    474      Popular Music Specialization

MSC    489      Popular Music Capstone Project

MUP   441      Popular Music Ensemble

NLM   515      Nonprofit Organizational Behavior and Principles of Management

NUR   318      Nursing Research and Evidence Translation

PAF     562      Higher Education Policy

PRM    306      Advanced Programming and Facilitation  | CL: Add  CSM 306

PRM    440      Advocacy in Therapeutic Recreation

PRM    450      Therapeutic Recreation and Community Health

PRM    550      Therapeutic Recreation and Community Health

PSY     605      Group Therapy for Substance Use Related Problems

REL    621      Ethnography Theory and Methods

SCN    208      Introduction to Urban and Environmental Studies

SDO    518      Fundamentals of Contract Law-Masters

SDO    525      Tort Law-Masters

SER     335      Engineering Secure Software Systems

SLB     524      Personal & Corp Branding in Sports-MSLB

SLC     442      Dracula and Vampire Lore | CL: Add ROM 442

SSP     325      Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics of Sport and Movement

SWG   546      Approaches to Teen Dating Violence Prevention




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