Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2019-28


First Reading: via E-mail on January 14, 2019
Second Reading:
January 28, 2019
Proposed Courses:

"CL" stands for "crosslisting," which means the crosslisted courses will be created to match the proposed new course in every way except subject and possibly number.

ASB 457 Global Mental Health

AST 302 Fundamental Forces in Astrophysics

AST 303 Light and Matter in Astrophysics

BIO 439 Computing for Research

CHE 578 Biomass Energy Conversion Technology

EGR 550 Mechatronic Systems

EGR 557 Foldable Robotics

FMP 445 Cinematography II

GLG 340 Geologic Hazards of the Mediterranean

HCR 310 Fundamentals of Human Trafficking

HDA 296 Creative Futures: Studio

HDA 496 Creative Futures: Advanced Studio

KOR 402  Advanced Korean II

LAS 449 Latin American Cinema: The Dead and the Disappeared | CL: Add FOR/SPA 449

LAW 668 Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

LAW 714 Biotechnology:Science, Law & Policy

MAE 528 Advanced Computational Mechanics

MUP 567 Music Theatre Dance Technique

PHI 417 Philosophy of Censorship

PHY 202 Programming for Physicists

POR 102 Elementary Portuguese II

POR 202 Intermediate Portuguese II

SCN 311 Nature Mindfully

SLC 123 Gods and Monsters: Comparative Mythology

SPA 470 Law, Societies and Justice in Latino-America 

SSP 423 Performance Testing and Technology

TAM 557 Global Marketing Strategy and Management

TAM 582 Communicating and Negotiating in a Dynamic Global World

TAM 589  Global Field Seminar

TGM 391 Global Business and Professional Development Skills

TGM 478 Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation

TGM 487 Global Entrepreneurship

TGM 515 Navigating Global and Regional Business Environments

TGM 517 Global Accounting and Financial Management

TGM 557 Global Data and Marketing Analytics

Note that LAS 449 is crosslisted (CL) as FOR 449 and SPA 449. This one form will create three courses that match in every way except subject (prefix).



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