Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2019-32

First Reading: via E-mail on February 11, 2019
Second Reading:
 February 25, 2019
Proposed Courses:

CPY    622      Child Counseling and Play Therapy

ECN    411      Current Analysis of the U.S. Economy

EGR    522      Statistics for Quality Control in Manufacturing

EGR    523      Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

EGR    555      Mechatronics Device Innovation

FIN     509      Quantitative Methods in Finance I

HCA   502      Research and Program Evaluation Issues in Aging

HCA   504      Caregiving Issues for Families and Professionals

HCA   505      Interdisciplinary and Community Collaboration in Aging

HCA   506      Administrative Systems Management in Aging

HCA   507      Care Coordination across the Continuum of Care

HCA   508      Mental Health Assessment and Intervention

MAE   576      Energy Efficiency

MCO   519      Strategic Communications Leadership and Ethics

MGT   526      Future World of Work

OGL    520      Organizational Leadership: Social Psychological Perspectives

OGL    530      Critical Perspectives in Leadership Theory

OGL    540      Evidence Based Inquiry in Organizational Leadership

OGL    551      Developing Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

OGL    552      Leading Diverse Teams

OGL    553      Intercultural Leadership

OGL    554      Learning and Development in Organizations

OGL    555      Leading Beyond Conflict

OGL    561      Collaborative Governance: NGOs and Private-Public Partnerships

OGL    562      Resource Development in Organizations: A Multiple Capitals Approach

OGL    563      Leading Social Change: Community Activism

OGL    570      Analyzing Organizations

OGL    571      Advanced Leadership Assessment

OGL    574      Qualitative Data Analysis in Leadership Research

OGL    575      Qua+A1:C42ntitative Data Analysis in Leadership Research

OGL    576      Advanced Multivariate Data Analysis

OGL    577      Structural Equation Modeling

OGL    578      Agent-Based Modeling to Address Complexity in Leadership Research

SFS     215      Fundamentals of U.S. Food and Agriculture CL: Add AGB 215

SFS     216      Subsectors of US Food and Agriculture  | CL: Add AGB 216

SOS     526      Sustainability Science:  Interactions Between Human & Environmental Systems

SPE     525      Measurement, Data Display, Interpretation, and Experimental Design

SPE     526      Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

SPE     527      Behavior Analytic Assessment

SPE     560      Behavior Change Procedures: Implementing Interventions in Behavior Analysis

SSP     461      Plyometrics and Power Training

UNI     240      Researching Mindfulness






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