Arizona State University
University Senate
Spring 2019

Senate Motion #2019-47

Motion Introduced by:  Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee, Lili Wang, Chair

Date of First Reading:   March 25, 2019

Date of Second Reading: April 22, 2019


Title of Motion: Request from the School of Sustainability – for the establishment of a graduate certificate – Food Policy and Sustainability Leadership

Action Requested: This curricular proposal has received all college, school, unit and university administrative approvals, and is being presented to the Senate for review and voting decision. 

Rationale: The certificate is designed for working professionals and graduate students seeking in-depth knowledge of food policy as it relates to sustainable food systems. There is growing interest in food among young people, many of whom are passionate about learning how to advocate for more sustainable food systems.This 15-credit graduate certificate is comprised of six classes. There are three icourses which include, among other things, weekly discussion boards and class calls with a professor. Two immersion classes require students to join together in person and engage in various learning experiences led by a professor. The first immersion takes place in various locations in Arizona, where students visit a variety of food production operations (e.g., farms, ranches, processing, distribution facilities) to learn directly from producers and hear their ideas about policy. The second immersion takes place in Washington DC, where students engage with policymakers and advocates (e.g., USDA leaders, members of Congress, NGO staff, lobbyists). The final course is a culminating experience in which students conduct original research and produce a professional policy publication to be widely shared with sustainable food system advocates.



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